Becoming an Expert Doesn’t Happen Overnight

Over the last 40 years, Computer Environment has evolved into the trusted resource for critical environment infrastructure and systems in the greater Mid South area. Our team has been entrusted with delivering the complex mission critical integrated HVAC and Power Solutions to hundreds of businesses, with solutions ranging from UPS Power and Precision Cooling to Air Distribution and Humidification, and we’re proud of the reputation we’ve earned as industry experts.

Count on Computer Environment to Provide the Best Products for Your Mission Critical Power and HVAC Infrastructure Needs.

Whether you need to satisfy the most demanding specifications for mission critical power and business continuity or implement efficient air distribution or energy recovery solutions, you can trust the experts at Computer Environment Associates. With Liebert Precision Cooling products we offer our customers the premier manufactured solutions to address the needs of any project—delivered on time and on budget.

And quality doesn’t end with the products. Our sales associates are experts in the field, bringing you answers that are both easy to understand and technically sound. Each associate will assist with everything from ordering products to providing design specifications or project management, proving every day that no one in the business is more experienced or knowledgeable than Computer Environment.

Dependable HVAC and Power Solutions

When working with complex and sensitive systems, you need a company that you can trust. And in a time when you can’t afford to take risks with your company or your customer, Computer Environment is the rock to lean on. Years of technical expertise allow us to help ensure optimum system design and performance for our customers’ HVAC and Power requirements. For new systems, expansions or upgrades, when your business is on the line, it’s our experience and expertise you can count on.

Premier 24 x 7 Power Solutions

Computer Environment and Liebert Products from Emerson—a Powerful Combination.

At Computer Environment, our ultimate goal is to maximize your system uptime. 
So we’ve partnered with Emerson Network Power, the leading computer support 
manufacturer in the industry. With Liebert products from Emerson, we’re able to bring you the best solutions to keep your data centers, blade servers and other IT equipment up and operating at all times. 

No Power System is Perfect, but IT Can Be Protected

In a world filled with static electricity, harmonics, grounding, voltage surges, high 
computer and server loads and temperature changes, the threats to system uptime seem to come from everywhere. Humidity, electronic interference and power outages can shut down technical equipment fast. At Computer Environment, we think the best defense is a good offense. We’ll analyze your system needs and business requirements and design solutions to create the optimal solution to ensure system availability and uptime.